The “Orangutan Hang” as a pre-race rowing stretch?

The two key stretches I’ve added to my warmup over the past year are the deep, wide squat and the simple hang, or “orangutan hang”.  Today I did the latter on rings outside (each hang lasting about 20 seconds), and realized that this could be a wonderful pre-race stretch for rowing.  Why?  I was cold and tight, and started out with my toes just grazing the ground on my first hang, having to hop slightly to get my hands fully on the rings.  By the fourth hang , the entire chain from my fingers to the base of my spine was tingly and warm, and my body had gained about 3 inches of length, to the point where I could put my feet flat on the ground (in minimalist shoes, so really flat!).  I got to thinking about the possible effect of an extra 3 inches of mobility between the base of the spine and the fingertips on the arc of a sculling stroke over the course of a 1000-meter race, and I felt silly that I had never considered this before.  I think I might be taking my rings with me to the next race and hanging them from the nearest tree!

While Mark Sisson maybe goes a little overboard with his “Grok” persona, he has a good description of both the simple wide squat and the simple hang on his Mark’s Daily Apple blog.

Kelly Starrett also has a great video demonstration of dynamic variations on the deep squat on the Mobility WOD blog.

Anybody else try this?