Indoor Rowing Coaching for CrossFitters

Folks I wanted to pass along a recommendation for those CrossFitters (or rowers!) who are looking to maximize their results on the C2 as we move into the indoor season.  My impression is that there are a lot of very strong and fit athletes out there who are not nearly reaching their potential in the rowing sections of their WODs.  Even reviewing the videos of the top CrossFit Games athletes reveals many basic technical issues that can be easily coached. 

There are a lot of YouTube videos out there, but it’s tough to emulate an unfamiliar movement without some direct feedback.  Similarly, I can probably teach myself how to hack a double-under, but I will never get even passably good at it unless a coach spends a little time with me.

As you know, I think the greatest opportunity for a “low hanging fruit” improvement for most CrossFitters is in their rowing, because it is probably the most alien movement to most people, and there are very few qualified rowing coaches compared to the exploding number of CrossFit athletes out there.  CrossFit Rowing itself is fairly new and there are probably not enough certs yet to satisfy the demand.

My friend Xeno Muller won the gold medal in the single sculls at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, rowing for his native Switzerland, and has since settled in SoCal.  I have had the opportunity to race against him twice, or shall I say to row far behind in his wake Smile  He has a coaching business that offers online remote stroke analysis and several types of coaching packages.  I don’t normally promote products or services on this blog, but I think there is a market that Xeno can serve for those CrossFitters who are at the point in their performance that they want to invest some time, focus, and money in improving their rowing scores.  As far as I know, his is the only opportunity to engage someone with his credentials on a 1:1 coaching basis in an online format, which makes it much more valuable than traveling to a seminar.  Xeno is familiar with the CrossFit community and has done work with first responder groups in Orange County.

There is a review of his coaching services at:

Check out Xeno’s site at


USRowing National Selection Regatta Live Stream

Live from Chula Vista, CA – Step 1 in the US Olympic selection process – single scullers could conceivably wrap it up today as long as they qualify!

Online remote coaching resource for Concept2 technique

Readers, I’ve had several questions about how to improve Concept2 rowing scores in Fight Gone Bad.  As most of you are already strong and fit, the biggest opportunity for improvement is likely related to technique and biomechanics, which need to be coached.  If you are seriously interested in improving, there is an online coaching resource you can take advantage of who is an Olympic gold and silver medalist in the single scull and, being based in SoCal, has some familiarity with the CrossFit community and first responders who use the C2 for conditioning.  His name is Xeno Muller (website is linked) and I believe he offers remote video coaching and technical analysis.  I have not personally used his service, but obviously his results speak for themselves!  Plus I respect him for figuring out how to balance sport and family while building his own business.