The New Ride

Almost 70 degrees today‚Ķable to sneak in a couple of more rows before shutting down for the winter.  This is my new ride as my Fluid was badly damaged when a rack blew over.  I decided to go back to Hudson, which is the hull I won most of my medals in over the years.  … More The New Ride

Disaster–Boat Destroyed

Flew off on the NJ Turnpike today, crushed by a big rig.  Disaster.  I think something hit one of the cleats on my rack and the whole thing just peeled off.  No racing anytime soon.  Anybody have a fast 95kg boat they are looking to sell? Technorati Tags: rowing,boat,hudson

Yes, Petaluma really is an “Eden for Rowing”

Thanks to for a link to this article in the Sonoma County Press-Democrat about rowing in Petaluma, California.  I rowed there for about 10 years, did the original website for North Bay Rowing Club, and can testify that it really is an ideal, and often overlooked, place to row.  The first thing you need … More Yes, Petaluma really is an “Eden for Rowing”