Questioning Conventional Wisdom on Erg Testing for Masters Athletes

Now that CRASH-Bs are over and we are hopefully in the run-up to getting back on the water in the eastern USA, I can’t help but question conventional wisdom on Concept2 ergometer testing for masters athletes.  I’m sure I will get many comments on both sides of the issue.  I am intentionally being provocative. For … More Questioning Conventional Wisdom on Erg Testing for Masters Athletes

Peak power progress

One of the concepts common to both rowing and Crossfit is consistent measurement. I have become a fan of measuring peak power output as a way of correlating strength gains from Crossfit training to specific rowing performance. This is in line with some of Ed McNeely’s protocols for you sports physiologists out there. I try … More Peak power progress

Videos from 2010 CRASH-B Championships

Thanks to a link from NYC Endurance’s blog, here are two videos from the finals at the 2010 CRASH-B ergometer championships last weekend. Mens’ final: Top overall finisher: Tim Groehmann, Team Concept2 Germany, 5:48.7 Top Crossfit finisher:  Tommy Hackenbruck, Crossfit Games 2009 2nd place, 6:30.0 Womens’ final: Top overall finisher:  Carolyn Ganes, Canada, 6:40.4 Top … More Videos from 2010 CRASH-B Championships