This blog is now available on the Kindle!

For any readers who are Kindle or Kindle Fire users, this blog is now available for subscription on your device via the Kindle Store on

Here’s the link.

Kudos to Amazon for the blog publishing capability – it was easy and straightforward.  As this is pretty new functionality, if any of you are Kindle fans and subscribe, let me know how the experience and formatting is on your device, particularly how the images and videos render.

The next project is a custom theme for iPad readers – again if you have any suggestions please post to comments.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Looking Forward to Tim Ferriss’ The Four-Hour Chef

Even though I am not a chef, I am looking forward to reading Tim Ferriss’ upcoming book The Four-Hour Chef on my Kindle for Windows Phone.  As you know, I enjoyed his previous book, The Four Hour Body.  His perspectives on fitness, nutrition, kettlebells, ice baths, and Crossfit Endurance were well-written and spot on with my mindset in many areas.  Based on that experience, I also read his first book, the Four Hour Workweek, and found it to be similarly intriguing and well-written.  I enjoy cooking even though I have never been formally trained.  Tim is one of the most engaging authors I know, and I congratulate him on his new release!