CrossFit Ignite Rowing Club

Join the CFI Rowing Club this winter!

Dec 13 – end of January or beyond???

During Open Gym on Saturdays 10:30-noon and Thursday 7:30 PM


1. Improve everyone’s skills at rowing – mechanics & endurance.

2. Log at least 1 million collective meters for CFI during the C2 Virtual Team Challenge (Jan 1-31) – and earn a certificate for the box.  Register under the team “CrossFit Ignite NJ” This is an opportunity for everyone to contribute even if they are not interested in racing.

3. Compete for CFI!

Enter a team in the Ironmen Erg Classic Jan. 31 in Lyndhurst, NJ.  This is a 2K race with age group categories, and is pretty casual.  It will be a good introduction to C2 racing for people who haven’t done it before.  People who are not super fast can still do this as there will be a wide range of skill levels, from high school kids to 80-year olds. Cost is $20.  They are trying to recruit other local CrossFit boxes to participate, so it won’t all be rowers.  Register under the team “CrossFit Ignite”.

Enter the online Row’d Royalty competition at  We don’t know the format yet but it’s only $10!


Marc (ScullCrusher) will run a group rowing/coaching session during Saturday open gym times.  We will set up a rowing WOD and then pull people out for individual coaching on technique during the WOD.  The program will be designed to progressively prepare people for a 2K race – developing specific power and technique during December, developing racing skills during January.  These sessions are open to everyone regardless of ability, and anyone can do the race in January – you do not have to race to win, you only race against yourself.

We will also recommend additional workouts that people can do on their own on the rowers before/after their regular CrossFit WODs, for those that can’t attend the sessions.

Reading – Tabata Times article on 2K test prep:


Week of Dec. 8:  45 mins.

20 mins unbroken rowing at 50-60% pressure, done as 2 x (4’ @ 18, 3’ @ 20, 2’ @ 22, 1’ @ 24).  Technical focus on finishing with legs locked down and back at 20-degree angle.  ScullCrusher will do technical coaching during this time.

4 x 500m sprints with 2’ rest in between.  Try to stay consistent on each interval.  Your average split will give you a good sense of the pace you can maintain for 2K.

Week of Dec. 14:

Focus:  The Finish – 20 to 30 degree back angle, legs and posterior chain locked, upright and supported.

Midweek (Thursday 7:30 PM): 2 x (1200m/5′ rest, 1000m/4′ rest, 500m/2′ rest) done so that the 500m interval is at 2K target pace.  Scale is to do one set instead of 2.  Aim for consistency, not fly-and-die!

Weekend (Saturday 10:30 AM):  6-8 x (1′ on, 1′ off).  Men should aim for 225-250 meters per interval or 300 meters per interval if you are planning on racing at the end of January.  Women should aim for 180-210 meters per interval depending on ability or 225 meters if racing at the end of January.



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