CrossFit Ignite Rowing Club

This fall and winter CrossFit Ignite is running a weekly Crossfit Endurance Rowing class.

Class runs Thursdays at 7:30 PM from Sept. 26 through Nov. 14.

Each class will begin with a warmup, a skill section teaching basic rowing technique, and a coached WOD designed to help you improve your 2K PR for the next Leaderboard day on Nov. 21.

Sign up using the club’s Zenplanner app so we know how many machines will be needed.

Full Class Plan and WODs can be found here.


Sep 26: 2 x (4’/3’/2’/1’) @ 18/20/22/24.  Set 1: 75% pressure, set 2:  85% pressure

Oct 3: 25 min EMOM: 20 power strokes at 2k pace (26-30 strokes per minute), light rowing (14-16 spm) for the remainder of the minute.

Oct 10:  Team relay – 10 x alternating 500m pieces at 2k pace done in teams of 2 so that one person is rowing while one person rests.

Oct 17:   CFE “Tosh” workout:  2 x (250m/1’ rest, 500m/2’ rest, 750m/3’ rest) @ 2K pace

Oct 24:   CFE 2×5/5×1 WOD: 2 x (5’ on, 2’ off) + 5 x (1’ on, 30’ off)

Oct 31 & Nov 7:  No Class

Nov 14:   Pyramid:  Practice starting sequence up and sprinting sequence down.  10/20/30/40/50/40/30/20/10 with equal strokes rest.

Nov 21:  2k time trial (Leaderboard!)

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