US Women’s 8 – Why Is No One Talking About Them?

This seems like a no-brainer, but they seem to be getting a lot less press than “will the Men’s 8+ qualify for Rio” etc. etc.

U.S. Women’s sweep rowing has built an unprecedented dominance in their sport – arguably the longest world/Olympic championship streak of any sport in history, men or women.

This is an astonishing achievement.  Where is the press?  Where is the awareness outside of the relatively small rowing community?

While the women’s national teams in other sports fight for equal pay and status, we have the most dominant US national team of any sport, men or women, and it’s hard to find any press coverage of them until this article came along:

As a father of daughters, equal time, equal pay, and equal status are big deals to me.  Let’s give them the public awareness and support they deserve as they go to Rio to defend the biggest winning streak of all time.

One thought on “US Women’s 8 – Why Is No One Talking About Them?

  1. You’re right. At a time when Women’s sport has taken big steps over the last few years I would have thought this would get some more coverage.

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