Sam Briggs Breaks 500m C2 Record

Well it finally happened!  A CrossFitter sits atop the world record pyramid for C2 indoor rowing.  Congrats to Sam Briggs for breaking the lightweight womens’ record in 1:33.4!  I sometimes wonder why we don’t see more CrossFitters duking it out for the short-distance records.  I would expect to see a lot more of this as CrossFit athletes are large, strong, fit, and tough, and that counts more than technique for the shorter distances.  Any men out there that can flirt with 1:10 for 500m ?  This one has stood since 1991 – someone (large 🙂 )should target it.

Sam Briggs Sets New 500m Rowing World Record

2 thoughts on “Sam Briggs Breaks 500m C2 Record

  1. Watching her do this was damn impressive. Not knowing she was there I did a double take during the 2km race when I realised a lightweight was quite a long way ahead of the heavyweights!

    I’d also point out that she did the 2km before the 500m! (There was a reasonable time gap, but even so!)

  2. Yeah pretty impressive. Cool that you got to be there. I hope this inspires some more CrossFit athletes to train the rowing skill specifically for improvement, since she has showed them it is possible.

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