Red Bull High Stakes wrapped, good luck at Worlds!

Red Bull High Stakes is a wrap with Ever Green topping the alumni-focused crews and coming in 6th out of the 14 teams.  I was a little skeptical of the event, but it turned out to be well-run, smoothly organized, and with a ton of rolodex crews that were the Who’s Who of anybody who wasn’t currently going to worlds (and some who were)!

There was a wide mix of teams – elites, alumni/ae, adaptive, veterans, and clubs, which made for exciting racing.  Even the elites were not immune from mishap (e.g. the Graves brothers getting divebombed by geese).  The vibe was causal, Riverside was a great host, and Sean Wolf was a great ringleader.

I was definitely one of the older athletes, and it was fun to mix it up with the young guns.  Good luck to Dave Smith and Phil Henson who were a couple of days away from a plane ride to Aiguebelette in the ML8+, and I hope to do it again next year!

Thanks to Igor Belakovskiy again for fabulous pics at

Ever Green Boat Club team at the Red Bull High Stakes

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