Rowers–Compete for your alma mater May 17 at Alumni Sprints!

The Alumni Sprints Regatta, 2015 edition, is just over a month away. The 2015 regatta will be bigger and better — we’ve moved to Philly, and are partnering with the Schuylkill Navy to put on a really special event on Sunday, May 17th.

This is an alumni-format regatta, which means that you can race under the banner of your school regardless of your age or current club affiliation.  Because the regatta is the day after the Stotesbury Cup on the same course, we expect a lot of high school / prep school alumni entries in addition to collegiate alumni.  If you are a parent whose son or daughter is racing at Stotes, why not race yourself the day after and have them cheer you on!

See here for information on the events — note that there are going to be 1000m alumni events, 2000m club events and 350m superdash events.

Think it’s hard to get to Philly? We’ve partnered with Skedaddle to set up buses to/from the regatta — see here (and you can get great rates on accommodations there as well).

Register here.

Hope to see you on the water May 17 in Philadelphia!


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