The New Ride

Almost 70 degrees today…able to sneak in a couple of more rows before shutting down for the winter.  This is my new ride as my Fluid was badly damaged when a rack blew over.  I decided to go back to Hudson, which is the hull I won most of my medals in over the years.  I thought it would be hard to row after being in the Fluid, but it wasn’t.  It’s actually great in the blustery wind we are having today, as with the skeg set far back it yaws far less than the Fluid.  This is an elite hull and is super-stiff, so the power transfer is extremely responsive and I was able to get up to 28-30 with no problem.  It’s kind of a brain-twister going back to a stern rigger, but once I stop trying to put the boat in stern-first, this is going to be a very sweet boat to race!


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