Random Correlation–Olympic Rowers and Dental Hygiene?

This is an article that sounds weird on the surface but makes sense at a personal level (although I am not an Olympic-level rower).  It uses Olympic rower Alan Campbell (huge fan – bronze in the single in front of his home crowd – showed tremendous heart)  to demonstrate a point about elite athletes ignoring dental health.


I think there is an aspect that is ignored in the article.   When you are on a periodized training schedule, the last thing you want to do is take time to go to the dentist and schedule recovery.  I lived with a cracked tooth for 2 years because I just “never got around to it” and it wasn’t a priority vs. getting in another workout.  It’s less about sugary sports drinks (don’t touch them) and more about time management of an issue that doesn’t directly affect athletic performance until it blows up into an infection, in a population that is used to living with pain.

Interesting read though.

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