Ice Ice Baby–When Will It End?

I was optimistic today – trying to make spring come by sheer force of will.  After all it was 67 degrees!

I went to Overpeck and rigged my boat.  I am ready as soon as the ice breaks.  Ice?  At Overpeck?  Has that ever happened?  Nobody can remember it ever having frozen over before.

Well, it’s still socked in, but I bet it will break tomorrow with the rain as the water level rises.  Then it will freeze again on Thursday night after the wind dies down, and then break for good this weekend.  That’s my bet.


Come on Mother Nature, give us a break!

In the meantime, check out this video that was posted by CrossFit Rowing – looks like fun in a an extremely perverse way!  Anybody from Canada – what is this type of rowing called?  Surely not surfboat, although it’s similar?  Iceboat?  Polar rescue?  Polar suicide?  There’s a good idea here though – can coxswains use a paddle in the Head of the Charles?

Desperate Canadians who are sick of the erg!

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