Great Rowing + Kettlebell WOD

Tried a great rowing/kettlebell WOD today.  It was challenging, tough, and combined interval work with a long total duration.  I would recommend it as a great potential metcon workout.

10 rounds:

  • 250m row / 2 minutes rest
  • During the 2 minutes rest, perform 50 Russian kettlebell swings
  • After the swings, whatever time is left over is yours to rest and re-set on the C2.

This WOD can be programmed into the C2 by using the “Intervals:  Distance” setting under “New Workout.”

My goal was to keep the 250m rows to under 50 seconds / 1:40 split.  I ended up averaging 1:38.1 and completing the WOD in 28:10.  My average split for this WOD is about my 2K target pace, – you want to row hard, but not at absolute max as you have to survive for ~30 minutes.  2K target pace is about right.  I used a 53-lb. kettlebell, which is Rx for most men’s KB workouts.

The thing I like about it is that you can do this in a group setting and still look for the fastest time, since the person that does the shortest rowing intervals will have the fastest overall time.  How you approach the kettlebell swings determines how much rest you get.  I tended to have about 20-25 seconds left, which was enough to get my feet back on the erg and get the wheel spinning, but not enough for my heart rate to come down much.

Have fun.



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