One of the Stranger Things I’ve Tried

I found this recently on the Conditioning Research blog, and it sounded so weird that I had to try it.  I figure that even if it’s completely bogus, maybe by successfully doing it I could trick my brain into giving me a few extra years on this Earth.

The idea is that if you can get up from the floor without using hands, knees, elbows, etc. for support, that is correlated with greater longevity. 

I was laying flat on the floor after the Renegade Rowing daily WOD and the 100 situps per day that CrossFit Ignite is doing this month, and I figured, why not?

Of course I had not watched the video of how to do it, so like an idiot I had to brainstorm it.  Plus, I was not sitting, but prone.  It was quite a puzzle to figure out even how to get into a semi-sitting position without using an elbow. 

The method I came up with combined a backward rock (like an exaggerated hollow rock), followed by pulling my legs in and hitting an explosive butterfly situp motion led by my arms, rolling forward onto my feet and then standing up like an air squat using the outstretched arms to counterbalance.  The whole thing is kind of like a swimming flip turn in reverse.  It took me five tries to get the motion, but once I had the skill I nailed it!  May I still be strong enough to do that when I’m 100 years old!

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