The Original Black C2 – Old School Heavy Metal Ergo

Tonight I wanted to do a WOD in honor of my CrossFit Ignite friend Kung Fu Jim from Generation Kill who is drum teching for Exodus on the Barge to Hell this week.

So I decided to do an 80’s heavy metal WOD:

  • Put on a polyester tank, tube socks, and a black bandana.
  • Soundtrack:  Ronnie James Dio.  Ah, memories of high school.
  • Jump on the ORIGINAL black Concept2 erg, the Model B (without speed ring), set it to small gear, closed vents (~drag factor 180).
  • Do 4 x 2K with 4 minutes rest, targeting 7 minutes pace.

Fun, but a backbreaker – I can’t believe we use to do tests on these things.  At least I enjoyed the comfy seat – why they changed that in later models I’ll never know.10-67-thickbox


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