How to Display Concept2 Logbook Results on Your Web Page

As we head into indoor rowing season, I thought I’d share a trick for how to display live results from your Concept2 online logbook, or your team’s logbook, on your website.  This is especially useful for CrossFit boxes who want to set up a team for the C2 winter challenges, or just for your own motivational purposes.

When you set up your logbook or create a team, you are given a Ranking ID# (for a personal logbook) or a Team ID# (for a team).  In order to display real-time results on a webpage, you can use the following links:

For a team logbook – YYYY is the year/season and XXXX is the Team Affiliation ID#:

For an individual logbook – ZZZZZZ is your Ranking ID#:"

You can control the width and height by changing those values in the code.

Hope this helps all you CrossFit webmasters out there!



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