C2 Technique Video Analysis And Humble Pie

I took some video footage of my technique while doing the 6 x 750m workout from CrossFit Endurance.  I was tired and figured that was the reason I was struggling to hit my target splits.  Then I looked at the video and understood that I was shedding seconds with my technique!  Good to catch it early in the winter season, but it is always humbling to break down your stroke.  I hope my mistakes will be instructive for others.

6 thoughts on “C2 Technique Video Analysis And Humble Pie

  1. My guess is that you could/should move about 5% further forward, i.e. that your knees should be nearly above your ankles…   What do you think?   Best regards,   Glenn


    1. Thanks Glenn I’ll take a look at that – interesting point, should it be “shins vertical” which is the conventional wisdom and means knees are slightly behind ankles, or “knees over ankles” which would be more in line with CrossFit thinking on squats, etc. I’d like to play around with this and incorporate some Mobility WOD stuff on dorsiflexion and ankle mobility, as that’s probably my limiting factor in doing this, as it is for many rowers I bet. You got me thinking on a new line of experimentation – thanks!

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