How to Measure Tabata Watts on the C2

I saw some questions on the CrossFit Endurance site this week about how to set up the C2 to measure watts while doing a Tabata 20:10 short interval workout.  I think the CFE crew threw a curveball to the community when they switched from “post your meters” to “post your watts,” but in fact average watts is a much more granular measurement that is better suited to super-short intervals, and it is a measurement that people in multi-sport disciplines are familiar with as a baseline.  It’s easy to set up the C2 for this.  Here’s a video link that shows how:


  1. From main menu, hit Select Workout->New Workout->Intervals: Time.
  2. Use the +/- keys to set up 0:20 work time, then hit right arrow twice, set up 0:10 rest time, then hit the checkmark button to start.
  3. Hit the Change Units button until the display shows watts.
  4. Do the WOD (C2 will display the interval number so you can keep track).
  5. After the last interval, hit the Main Menu button to stop the interval timer.
  6. After you recover, hit More Information->Memory, and the Magnifying Glass to bring up the results of your WOD, which will show split time, watts, and stroke rate for each interval. I usually take a picture of it with my phone for my logbook.


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