WOD: Pistols, Planks, Squats, and Slashes

C2 warmup: 3000m, half pressure, plus 30 20-stroke pieces at full pressure.

Back Squats: 10@135, 10@135, 5@185, 5@185, 3@225, 3@225, 3@225.

Pistols: 2×20 each leg.

Planks: 3x Tabata 8x(20’on, 10’off) each of Regular / Left Side, Right Side, then 1 set of Tabata back extensions on a ball.

Slashes on pulley machine: 10 right, 10 left both legs kneeling, then repeat with narrow-stance 1 leg kneeling

The hardest part of this is by far the planks 🙂

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