4 comments on “Core Stability for Indoor and Outdoor Rowing

    • Neikei,

      I think the answer depends a lot on your age and the details of your personal situation, but here’s some suggestions. You want your body to find equilibrium so that you are not in a position to have to make weight by dehydration, nor do you want to have to crash diet in the pre-season. The best approach to eating that I’ve found includes a focus on whole foods vs. processed foods or supplements. Lean meats, lots of vegetables, a few “non-white” carbs and a good amount of healthy fats like nuts, guacamole, and olive oil. Don’t fall for the “eliminate fat from your diet” trap. Don’t fall for “carbo-loading” as that’s more geared to ultra-endurance athletes, and usually involves eating lots of “white foods” like bread, pasta, and pancakes that are basically equivalent to eating sugar. Stay hydrated, remembering that intensities over anaerobic threshold (75% pressure and up basically) require a lot of water to convert fuel into energy in your muscles, so you will dehydrate quickly even if it’s not hot out. Good luck, stay healthy, and stay hydrated!

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