Brief Debrief–Masters Nationals

A friend reminded me that I had not posted a debrief from Masters Nationals:

Masters Nationals is finally done – after a weekend of wild weather that saw racing canceled multiple times, getting pulled off the water due to a lightning and tornado warning, and crazy headwinds that made the races up to a minute longer than usual.

I ended up with mixed results.  On the positive side I rowed technically well – no crabs, no missed strokes, no ripped water at the start, no buoy hits.  Several of my competitors succumbed to these.  The blasting headwinds let me really focus on a clean down and away circle at the finish, which allowed me handle the waves pretty well.  On the downside, I had a sinus infection and got pretty poor quality sleep, which really sapped my energy.  I had good speed for about 600 meters, but could not close out the races the way I had the weekend before.

In the A single I drew the fast heat (seems to be my curse in the single at Masters Nationals), with the eventual #1 and #2 finishers right next to me, and I did not make the final.

In the C single I made it through to the semis but not the final, finishing 10th overall based on time.  I was in the pack until about 600 to go, and just didn’t have the energy left to hold onto a qualifying spot.

It was a decent row but I was not physically at my best, so it was kind of mixed bag.  The single is not my strongest boat but this year I decided to put my eggs in that basket and see what I could make of it.

I’ll be glad to rest up, rebuild some strength, and focus on getting ready for the Charles.  5K season begins today!

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