Congrats to USA Women, and my “call” for tomorrow’s finals

Congrats to the USA Women’s Eight for their gold and to Canada for a valiant sprint.  Props to CrossFitter Erin Cafaro in the bow seat.  Rumor has it that NBC’s primetime leadoff in the US will be the women’s eight gold medal race!

Congrats to the NZL Men’s double sculls for the most incredible sprint I have ever seen…literally from last place to gold medal in the last 500.  I clocked them at 45 spm with 250 to go, about 9 strokes higher than the Italians.  I stand in awe of the fitness required to do that, and how a small country can find these superhumans consistently year after year.

So here’s my “call” for the upcoming finals:

  • M1x:  Drysdale (NZL), Synek (CZE), Campbell (GBR).  If there’s a big headwind Karonen (SWE) could nip out Campbell.
  • M4-:  Australia, Great Britain, USA.
  • W1X:  Crow (AUS), Knapova (CZE), Karsten (BLR).  Have to root for the 40-year old!
  • M2-:  NZL of course, with everyone else left to sort it out amongst themselves Smile
  • Kim Crow (AUS):  Will she medal in both the single and the double?  That would be amazing!

Anyone have something different in mind?

To take the pressure off, check out this video of the Kiwi House in London from Rowing Related.  Did Eric Murray know in advance that Bradley Wiggins would start a muttonchops trend in London?  Is Storm Uru even a real name?

The Kiwis always know how to have fun with it, even when gold is on the line.


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