People Always Ask Me About My Rack…

People always ask me about my cold-war era roof rack at regattas.  I had at least two questions this past weekend from people wanting to buy one.  It’s a rack built by University Barge Club’s Bruce LaLonde circa 1989.  It has carried my single thousands of miles, including cross-country, with no damage, ever, and is still going strong.  It has outlasted 3 cars and 2 sets of oars.  The secret is that it’s springy and is designed like one big shock absorber.  It’s a great rack and folks from Philly probably will recognize it.  The other piece of gear from the same era that only recently disintegrated was my purple Stevenson USA boat cover!



Please note that in the first picture above, pogies also make great scull handle covers for car-topping, although Croker grips don’t inflate as much as Staempfli grips do!

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