Who Are Your Olympic Picks?

OK readers, let’s hear who you are picking for Olympic rowing gold in a few weeks?  There were some surprises in the recent Munich World Cup, and there were some notable absences of crews that chose to train through instead of race.  Here’s my unscientific picks.  In general I think the British and the Kiwis are poised to clean up, with the US and Germany probably taking home less hardware than usual.  New Zealand in particular looks incredibly strong for their size. 

M1X:  Mahe Drysdale.  He will come back from getting hit by a car, the Kiwi program is so strong and deep, and he is at the top of it.

W1X:  Ekaterina Karsten.  I have to vote for the 40-year old Smile

M2-:  NZL – the Murray/Bond pair is unstoppable – 5 second margin in Munich.  I wish the best for FRA and GBR but good luck.

M2x:  NZL.

W2X:  GBR.

M4-:  Very tough.  I give the edge to AUS based on smoothness and flow, which will count for a lot under pressure.  I would also be happy if GBR took it.  This one is going to be a photo finish.

LM4-:  GBR.

M4x:  GBR.

W4X:  GER.

M8+:  I am pulling for GBR.  C’mon mates win it in front of the home crowd!

W8+:  USA – we can get Canada, come on ladies!

2 thoughts on “Who Are Your Olympic Picks?

  1. I agree with most of these picks! But I’ll say Germany for the M4x and M8+.

    And while I, too, don’t like to acknowledge lightweight sculling events (despite being a small dude myself), I begrudgingly have to go with GBR for LM2x and…uh…how about NZL for the LW2x.

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