94 Year Old Rowing Machine at the Boathouse

It’s amazing what sometimes shows up at the boathouse.  Apparently some old dude showed up and donated this 94 year old rowing machine.  It looks like something that Ned Hanlan or Jack Kelly might have used.  I find it interesting that they figured out how to design a sculling simulator 94 years ago, but we don’t really have a good one today.  There was one being demoed at the Head of the Charles, but it looked like something out of the Terminator and cost like $5000.  This one is really simple and appears to work on the same basic principle as the old Gamut Erg that we used to use in college – i.e. a leather strap puts braking pressure on a flywheel by generating friction.  I wish I could try it, but it’s off limits for now until it’s refurbished.  Come on Concept2, get your design teams on it!



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