Video – Crossfit Rowing’s Shane Farmer snatches 235

Here’s a great video of CrossFit Rowing coach Shane Farmer snatching 235 pounds at the SoCal Regionals for the CrossFit Games.  He is in the green shirt at timestamp 0:40, right after the poor guy with the epic fail.  Great movement, great technique.  Not sure many rowers have this kind of strength and mobility outside of the horizontal plane.

This is why I am passionate about CrossFit in addition to rowing – as I get older the scope of what more I can achieve in rowing gets narrower, and I continue to train towards those goals, but CrossFit keeps me fresh and feeling like a novice I other areas, which keeps it interesting.  Here’s a rower who can snatch 100 lbs. more than me with beautiful technique – clearly I have a lot of room for learning and improvement there even as the hair gets grayer.

Congrats Shane and well done!

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