Update With Test Results – Correlating CrossFit Total with Rowing Peak Power

Last week I did a post about the correlation between an increase in my CrossFit Total and increased rowing peak power on the Concept2.  Today I tested for peak power, and achieved a new PR of 815 watts (1:15.45 / 500m pace), representing a 5% improvement.  I did the test with 10 progressive attempts beginning at drag factor 120 and ending at drag factor 205.  The updated chart looks like this:


2 thoughts on “Update With Test Results – Correlating CrossFit Total with Rowing Peak Power

  1. Hi Marc,

    I thought I should tell you that over the past six months I have focused exclusively on building peak power on the C2. I’m 6’3″, 88 kg and 47 years old.

    The *only* real fitness training I do is on the C2. Typically that’s one or two HIIT sessions per day, each lasting about 10 minutes. If I reach a new personal best during any given session, I stop the workout, even if it only lasts five minutes.

    I am now totally convinced of the notion of “minimum effective dose.” I try not to exceed the dose, otherwise negative side effects may occur. Over-training is the enemy of progress and I am sure most serious athletes aged 30 or older have a tendency to over-train.

    My peak power now is 1:08. I think that’s pretty respectable. I’m pretty sure 1:07 will be possible soon.

    BTW – I often do interval training with “heavy loading” – I sometimes wear a 25kg weight vest plus, 7kg of wrist weights on each wrist and 4 kgs added to the C2 handle. It’s not pretty, but it builds strength. (I no longer do any training with weights – I don’t think any of the weight lifting movements (power, Olympic, plyometrics, you name it) actually increase power in the rowing stroke; they just increase the vulnerability to injury.

    Let me know what you think?


    1. Glenn, what I think is that for someone with equivalent body dimensions to myself and 4 years older, that 1:08 (~1100 watts) is pretty amazing! I do agree that rowing with heavy loading is the best way to build rowing power as long as you do it with good technique. I wouldn’t ordinarily think that adding weight on the C2 would be a good idea, especially a vest, but obviously I have never tried it and it has worked for you. Congrats! – Marc

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