Correlating CrossFit Total with Rowing Peak Power

It’s been a while since I tested for either my CrossFit Total or my Concept2 peak power, but the time has come to start getting on track with both of these.  One of the key training goals for this season is to raise my peak power “ceiling,” thereby potentially allowing me to generate more power per stroke.  In a 125-stroke race, which is what Masters Nationals will be for me in August, I believe that focusing more on peak power than on traditional rowing conditioning will be an effective strategy for success, as the actual number of strokes possible in the race is limited.

Today I tested for CrossFit Total for the first time in maybe a year, doing it as a “by the book” test, all in one session.  The results were great:  new PRs in the Back squat (270) and deadlift (370), and staying the same in the press (125).  This resulted in my CrossFit Total going from 725 to 770. 

I now want to correlate this with my peak rowing power in watts to determine if there is a predictive relationship.  I put together a quick-and-dirty graph of my progress to date, based on what I know my 1RM lifts were at the time of previous peak power tests:


As you can see, at the times where I have increased my CrossFit Total, my C2 peak power has jumped correspondingly.  Based on this rough graph, my hypothesis is that my C2 peak power should jump from 787 up to about 850.  I will test later this week to see if this hypothesis holds!

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