Those Danes are on fire!

This is utterly amazing.  Henrik Stephansen set a new indoor lightweight record of 5:57.4 on the Concept2 at 75kg body weight at the Danish Indoor Championships.  That’s like 4.5 seconds better than his CRASH-B winning time from 2011, and would put him squarely in the hunt with the big American gorillas in the CRASH-B open finals.  This dude is hoping to qualify for the Olympics in the open single because there is no lightweight single boat class in the Olympics.  Those Danes know how to make small guys go faster than almost anyone else in the world.  The level of pure fitness required to do this is staggering, as is the year-over-year improvement in human performance.  Some records are going to fall in London!  Congrats!

Here’s the updated video from this year, thanks to Johan Hoeke (race starts at 2:30 timestamp).  The most amazing thing to me is that he is recovered enough to give an interview within a minute of finishing the piece!

Henrik Stephansen 5:57 record


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