After Two Weeks of Purgatory…

Why have I been silent recently?  I have been struggling to balance with some injuries that have frustrated me and made it tough to train.  Tendons in both knees are inflamed from overdoing it on weighted lunges, AND my ribcage really flared up after max-intensity intervals on the C2, AND I have a cold.

Pretty much the only activity I’ve been able to do without feeling like I was making something worse is swimming.  That’s a blast but it’s incredibly frustrating not to be able to train the way I want to, especially in the heat of winter training.  I’m sure any of you who are competitors know what I’m talking about.

I figured that I was condemned to a month of LSD (long, slow, distance) training, which would be OK in the springtime when I could work on technique in the single, but would be horrible in the winter.  Today I tested myself on the Concept2 at a low drag factor of 93 and it actually felt good to flick it along at a 26-28, 60% pressure, for 6K.

That’s good news – I’m still going to give it some more time before doing max intensity work, but I feel like I am now able to approach AT on the erg, and I’ll take that as a motivator to get the volume back up and push through it.  No erg races for me, though – can’t afford to re-injure it before it’s fully healed.  Gotta keep my eye on the ball, which for me is Masters Nationals in August.

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