Video of new French 2K Indoor Rowing Record

Bonjour et bonne année !

This is a great video of some French athletes setting a new 2K record on the Concept2 indoor rower.  About 1:25 minutes in, note how the shoulders remain on a level horizontal plane throughout the stroke – there is no wasted energy here.  There is no up/down movement of the chain.  The heads are not bobbing up and down.  The hands hit the ribs right when the knees are down.  Once the knees are down, they stay down until the hips are fully open.  Looking at this dude rowing, you would think he’s pretty relaxed, until you realize he’s pulling sub-1:30 splits!  This is how it’s done – 5:44 !

Félicitations !

Thanks to Flywheel Fitness for the link to this video.

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