Possibly the best rowing strength development workout ever

During November Crossfit Ignite has programmed a weekly set of strength and conditioning workouts to let people get comfortable with the movements and push themselves to improve week over week.  One of the WODs is perhaps the best rowing-specific strength workout I’ve ever done:

    WOD: 4 super sets, with 1 min rest of

    • Back Squat x 8 – deep and solid, nuff said.  Doing this week after week, I have almost equaled my 3-rep max for 8 reps, meaning a significant strength gain.  With this many reps I also get a pretty good upper back workout, and my squat technique has improved dramatically.

    • Romanian Deadlift x8 – this is scary at first, because it is almost a straight-leg deadlift, but once I got used to it I found that I can actually handle more weight than I can squat.  Hits the lower back and glutes hard.

        10 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):

        • 10 Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift– 53/35 5R 5 L – done with a single kettlebell, alternating sides, to even out imbalances.  This is a hugely effective lower back exercise.

        • 10 Goblet Lunges (53/35) or Barbell Lunges 45# – this is a glute and quad ripper.

        Even though this is only a 45-minute workout, I feel like I just did a 25K erg piece at drag factor 180, followed by a “Buns of Steel” video!

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