This is your body. This is your body without enough sleep. Any questions?

It’s been a week of stress, travel,  and not enough sleep.  “I can gut it out” is what we all tell ourselves.  “You are a liar!” is how your body responds.  You need the recovery time, you need the mental focus.  The numbers don’t lie, and they are terrible.  A 1:36 split for 125 meters is like 10 seconds off pace.  Yesterday I did the Crossfit Endurance WOD and thought I was going to die, with 1K splits in the 1:40s.  I was able to hit the first piece OK, but after that I dropped like a stone.


Especially for masters athletes, the recovery time becomes more and more critical with every year you age.  Diet can mitigate some of it, but sleep knows no compromise.  Every now and then I need to re-learn this lesson.  Better to do so in November than the week before Masters Nationals!

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