Beast Coast Big Stickin’ in NJ

This is probably one of the last semi-warm fall weekends here in New Jersey, so I went for a 10-mile land paddle on my longboard with my Kahuna Big Stick.  It was a blast, but also a great full-body workout.  I am finding that the way to go fast is to shift my center of mass forward using the stick as the fulcrum during the stroke, and that means quite a bit more leg and core work than usual.  I am also finally getting good at going up hills and getting up to speed paddling on my left side.  I am also finding that it’s much harder to paddle in regular shoes than it is in FiveFingers or Sanuks.  I really like the near-barefoot feel on the board to maintain control – I had several exciting moments today because it’s harder to feel the board through thicker soles.  I also experimented with using my Windows Phone as a helmet-cam.  Here’s the vid:

Fall Big Stickin’ in NJ with the Kahuna Big Stick

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