Coach Kaehler on Consistent Intensity

Last week I did an extensive post on the importance of precision in maintaining maximal intensity during short interval workouts on the Concept2.  I was pleased to see that I am not, in fact, a total nutter, because Bob Kaehler posted on a similar topic this week in his Coach Kaehler column on row2k.

Although I am not in the same league as Bob as a rower, I did have the privilege of training with him at Undine Barge Club in the early 90’s.  He was in the “God Quad” while I was still in the development camp boat, before he went on to compete in 3 Olympic Games.

He has a lot of great things to say in his column, and even CrossFitters who are not rowers may find it useful because a lot of his posts have to do with mobility, flexibility, and biomechanics, especially regarding the back and spine.  I have faith in his advice because he helped my wife achieve a successful outcome for a herniated disc without surgery.  As an example, in a recent post he compares the rowing stroke to a power clean, and is one of the few rowing coaches who seems to target the hamstrings vs. the quads as a key development area for rowers for both strength and flexibility.  This obviously makes a lot of sense to anyone who deadlifts.

Thanks Coach for the great advice!

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