Wow, what happened in Fight Gone Bad 6? Huge PR today!

Well I am still reeling from Fight Gone Bad 6.  Had a HUGE PR today, scoring 337.  I came in feeling OK but not great with a sore shoulder and coming off of a week of poor sleep, so I figured I’d be happy to just break 300, as my previous PR was 313.  My strategy was simple:  come in at 25 or above on my strengths:  wallball, sumo deadlift high pull, and rowing.  For my weaknesses, gut out at least 20 on box jumps, and hang on for dear life on push presses for whatever I could do.  I also decided to take a 50 seconds work / 10 seconds off approach on each exercise, provided I could meet my minimum goals (except for the row, which is the last exercise before the rest).  This would allow me to control my rest, get set up correctly for each exercise, and avoid going into a max heart rate situation until the end.

What I found was that this worked perfectly, especially on the wallballs and SDLHPs, where I was able to squeeze out some extra reps and inch the score up.  While I consciously did not blow it away on any one exercise, I was able to remain highly consistent and controlled except for the last segment of push presses.  On the rowing, my goal was to keep it at 1500 calories pace, but not greater than 1700 in order not to totally smoke myself.  I used a heavy drag factor (140) and a low rating (30) and focused on consistency, which delivered between 23-26 calories per piece.

Not sure if I can ever replicate it, but happy with the results for today!

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