5 comments on “Land Paddling with the Kahuna Big Stick is amazing fun!

  1. I want to buy a board and stick…sounds like fun! I bought a longboard for my son-in-law, but don`t know what board is right for me. Age 64, good shape,swim,kayak,workout in gym,167 lbs, 5`10″…ANY SUGESTIONS?

    • Bill, I am a novice at this as well and never owned a skateboard. I just ordered the Haka Moko from Kahuna along with the stick as it was described as their most stable and I am more interested in straight paddling than carving, which I frankly don’t know how to do! I think any longboard will do. I got a great deal by looking in the specials section of the Kahuna site and scored a great coupon code that made it a no-brainer. My package arrived in 4 days, board and stick together, I was paddling the next day! I am 6’3″ and 195 lbs. and it works for me. I also can collapse the adjustable big stick down so my kids can use it, which is cool.

  2. Hey, nice article. I just got my Haka Moku and Big Stick about a month ago and been tearing it up ever since. Haven’t been over to Saddle River park, but I think I’ll head out there this Sunday morning starting in Ridgewood. I’ve been sticking to mainly newly paved roads and parking lots, but Saddle River park sounds like a good deal.

    • Steve, sounds awesome. I have a rowing race this Sun. or I’d join you. There are a few sections of the path that got pretty torn up by the hurricane and there are a couple sections near the Duck Pond that still have some standing water but in general it’s a good place, especially for learning to steer 🙂

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