New Hurricane WOD – “Irene”

Well after being evacuated from Cape May late Thursday night due to Hurricane Irene, I spent all day battening down the hatches, and now the rain and wind is kicking in.  I propose a new WOD named “Irene” for all those stuck inside for the next 24-48 hours:

New WOD – "Irene":  Must be done in hot basement with low overhead clearance and 94% humidity, in the dark with no power.

3 rounds, 21-15-9

First station:  Round 1: pushups/  Round 2:  tiger pushups/  Round 3: pushups

Second station: situps / planks (3 seconds = 1 “rep”) / cat-cows

Third station:  russian kettlebell swings / 1-hand swings alternating hands / russian KB swings

Fourth station:  air squats / goblet squats / goblet lunges.


For extra credit, dust off that old Concept2 Model B erg (the one where the lightest drag factor is like 140!) and break your back doing a couple of tabatas.


Chase it down with a cold shower using non-potable water and a can of cold sardines!

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