Tennis for rowing conditioning, anyone?

Since Henley Royal Regatta and Wimbledon are both gearing up, I played tennis the other day.  Like the haughty elitist rower that I am, I assumed it would be easy compared to a 2K at 34.  I figured it would be good for active recovery, and it was a good way to do something as a family outdoors.  Silly, silly man.  When I was done my legs felt like jelly and I was drenched from head to toe.  It is actually a great plyometric workout, especially for someone weighing 195 with very long arms.  The stopping and starting is basically equivalent to doing intermittent box jumps for an hour.  It is very hard work to decelerate your body mass and launch it in the opposite direction.  Kind of like in Death by 10 Meters.  I decided to try playing in Vibram FiveFingers Komodos, and it was great.  If I had been playing in shoes I would have sprained my ankle for sure, but in the VFFs I could really feel how much my ankles and feet have strengthened over the past year.  In regular VFFs it would have been suicide, but the Komodos have enough traction to make them feel just right for this type of workout.

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