Xeno Muller on minimalist shoes for rowing and running

Recently Xeno Muller, a multiple Olympic medalist single sculler and rowing coach, posted a great piece on using minimalist shoes for both running and indoor rowing.  I respect and agree with his opinions on both!  A lot of heavyweight male rowers are tall, heavy guys who don’t fit the typical “runner” profile, and they should read Xeno’s post.



2 thoughts on “Xeno Muller on minimalist shoes for rowing and running

  1. Your own Statement 1:The huge advantage that Rowperfect has is that its footprint is half the amount of the Concept2 on slides. Rowperfect is a dynamic rowing machine. This means that your flywheel travels back and forth unlike a stationary/static rowing machine such as the Concept2. Rowperfect makes the rowing exercise smoother and gentler on the body and its joints. Because of its size it is possible to take the machine with you in a carry box similar to a bike box.

    Your own Statement 2I needed to start working with another rowing machine. I enjoy the WaterRower. The Rowperfect has attributes that a stationary rowing machine does not have and are beneficial for on the water rowing.

    The WaterRower however, is nice to row and quite and has a small footprint. It is perfect to row while keeping the sound level to a minimum with a nice swoosh of water each stroke you take.

    As myself being anolympic team member in 1980 and 1984 for germany (Cycling) i have a lot of respect for your achivement as a rower but as for your honest opions based on your experience and expertise i am very dissapointed since you sound more like a car salesman who jumped ship when you were associating with the Rowperfect was not par with your financial development. i believe as an athlete at your caliber, where poeples look up to you and value your opinion and guidance to purchase equipment which caries your name it should be honest and unbias to make statement of your endorsement
    i know you are not the only one as a matter of fact there are more out there
    this comment is not made to offend you by all means but an honest guidance of expertise will be always

    1. Thanks for your feedback KR…not sure exactly which statements of mine you refer to, but I would like to clarify that I do not endorse one type of indoor rower over another, since it is very much a matter of personal preference. I do believe that dynamic rowers offer a better technical experience and less risk of injury than static rowers. I use a C2 on slides because that’s what I have access to, but I would certainly use others if they were available to me. Thanks for reading and keep the feedback coming.

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