The effects of a cold-turkey week off

After a great power clean and jerk workout last Monday, I had the terrible experience of having a family member unexpectedly have to go into the hospital for the rest of the week.  Now that the situation is resolved, I can reflect on the net effect of a week completely off from training of any kind in a high stress situation with very little solid sleep and bad food.  I am amazed at how quickly things went down the tube. 

I gained 6 pounds of body weight (194 last weekend, 200 today, same scale).  Old injuries that I haven’t felt in a while started to ache again (foot, hand, back, ribs).  My lungs felt “shrunken” and I started to cough.  My eyes and skin started to itch.  Today I went for a short run and threw in some ring pull-ups and 30-inch jumps onto some bleachers.  My heart rate went through the roof and my mobility stank.  When I first grabbed the rings, I had to go on tiptoes to reach them.  After “hanging” a few times, my body stretched out several inches and I could reach the ground with my heels.

Even after this short workout, I feel much better, but have the sense that I am going to be incredibly sore tomorrow.

Although I was not as highly trained up as I was at this time last year, it’s amazing how quickly my body reacted to even a short interval of sedentary, sleepless, stressful lifestyle.  Scary.


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