Running with the hamstrings–a video for visualization

Springtime in the east means sketchy, stormy weather for single sculling.  I’ve been supplementing with quite a bit of running using Inov-8 or FiveFingers minimalist shoes.  While I feel that my foot strength is now high enough not to worry about recovery as much, I am struggling with the technique after a winter of too much snow for running.  I tend to land with my foot too far forward, meaning that I am actually decelerating a little before pulling through, as opposed to picking up the ground speed and adding to it seamlessly.

This is the running equivalent to “hanging at the catch” or catching too slowly and throwing up too much backsplash in rowing.  Working too hard to maintain speed vs. accelerating each stroke/step.

As usual Brian MacKenzie has posted a great video that helps me visualize the correct motion – after watching this, I tried again doing short intervals and it helped me out tremendously.  If you look at the dude on the treadmill, his legs look like the pistons on an old steam locomotive – very smooth, forward-pull, forward-pull.  That visual helped me nail the right cadence and pick up a lot of speed.

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