Trying the Crossfit Games Open this pre-season…

Having done Crossfit for about a year, I was approached by the gang at Crossfit Ignite to join the Crossfit Games Open team this year.  I was apprehensive about it because there are still certain movements that I cannot do as prescribed (handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, and heavy overhead work).  Others I am pretty good at and can kick in the competitive engine from rowing to drive them pretty hard.  So I figured, why not?

It’s been a mixed bag but fun to be part of a team with a wide range of abilities.  I don’t ever expect to compete at the Games as that is not my focus, however it’s great to see some of the amazing work others can do.  It will be interesting to see if they include any running or rowing in the competition workouts with 2 more weeks to go.

2 thoughts on “Trying the Crossfit Games Open this pre-season…

  1. Joris, thanks for the comment!

    Week 1 I got 213 but had to scale the double unders. Week 2 I did pretty well, Rx at 261. Week 3 I missed completely due to vacation, which is just as well as I can clean 165 but there’s no way I can lock 165 overhead. Week 4 I got the 60 burpees in about 5 minutes but failed to get any overhead squats at 120. I was able to warm up at 120 but in the heat of the workout I couldn’t nail one correctly, hence I ended with a 60. OHS is a weakness for me and 120 would have been a PR weight, so I am not surprised.

    On to the final 2 weeks. This is fun. There are some WODs I can nail pretty well, but I am still a novice in some skill areas, so I live and learn.

    How about you?


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