2 comments on “Trying the Crossfit Games Open this pre-season…

  1. Joris, thanks for the comment!

    Week 1 I got 213 but had to scale the double unders. Week 2 I did pretty well, Rx at 261. Week 3 I missed completely due to vacation, which is just as well as I can clean 165 but there’s no way I can lock 165 overhead. Week 4 I got the 60 burpees in about 5 minutes but failed to get any overhead squats at 120. I was able to warm up at 120 but in the heat of the workout I couldn’t nail one correctly, hence I ended with a 60. OHS is a weakness for me and 120 would have been a PR weight, so I am not surprised.

    On to the final 2 weeks. This is fun. There are some WODs I can nail pretty well, but I am still a novice in some skill areas, so I live and learn.

    How about you?


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