A Workout for the Ides of March

Well Caesar was probably wishing he was at the boathouse getting a row in with the slaves instead of hanging out in the Senate that day in 44 BC.  While I couldn’t get on the water (yet) due to flooding, I did manage to get in the Crossfit Endurance  WOD today on the Concept2.

8 rounds of (30 seconds on, 20 seconds off).  This is a quick one – about 15 minutes end to end including warmup.

I like it a little better than Tabata because the intervals are long enough to mitigate the time it takes to get the flywheel up to speed.

I find that there is very little guidance on standards for these workouts, but that it helps to get a goal in your head for each interval in order to maintain correct intensity.  My goal was to get north of 155 meters per interval, which I found was only possible if you can get the split under 1:38 by the third stroke.  Next time I will shoot for 160, which is about the outer limit I think unless you are a real erg monster.


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