What to do when your Box is flooded, the river’s gone crazy, and you’re sick of erging?

Well we had a storm last night that melted all the snow here in New Jersey.  Unfortunately Crossfit Ignite had a foot of water in it this morning!  The Passaic River, while below flood stage, was running about as fast as I’ve ever seen it.  But the sun was shining and the wind was blowing, and I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and row indoors on the Concept2.

Answer – break out the stand-up paddle and head for the dock!  Face downstream and pull back against the current.  The resistance when the water is moving several knots against your blade is incredible!  Like doing a heavy Turkish get-up reeeallly slow, or doing the “chop” cross-body injury prevention lift from The Four Hour Body.  30 minutes alternating sides is an incredible workout, to the point that my upper body and core were literally trembling to failure.  Great for injury-proofing and correcting left/right imbalances.

Not the same as being on a board, but not bad for early March on the East Coast!


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