Houston, we are “go” for the Bear Complex!

Thanks to the Trotter Family YMCA in Houston for hosting me tonight and basically being the friendliest people on the planet!  I was on a business trip which involved a team cooking activity at Sur La Table, at which I made a modified Emerald City Salad and enjoyed doing “Iron Chef” with a bunch of colleagues.

So after a long day, I decided to stop in at 10PM for a short late-night WOD to restore mental sanity.  I missed doing the Bear Complex at Crossfit Ignite this week, so I decided to try 5 rounds of 7 reps of the Bear, followed up by a chaser of back squats at 205 and 215.

What’s the Bear Complex?  An integrated movement incorporating:

  • Power Clean
  • to Front Squat
  • to Press
  • to Back Squat
  • to Press

I decided to test the video capabilities on my Windows Phone 7 Series, and check my form.  I found that the WP7 video is equal to or better quality than a Flip SD camera, which is awesome.  The drawback is that you can’t yet send your video to the cloud automagically like you can with pictures.  Hopefully this is coming in an update.

My form, on the other hand, could use some work!  For one thing I am integrating the power clean with the front squat instead of separating them.  And my presses are still a little squishy.  Oh well learn and do better next time.

Here’s the vidcap from the final round:


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