4 comments on “Perspectives on The Four Hour Body and The Paleo Diet for Athletes

  1. Your inconsistency #1:

    Milk is largely shunned by both in regards to a healthy, weight-controlling diet. Tim’s “slow-carbing” diet is an easy way to put people on a cheap, no frills, insulin regulating diet. As insulin is an anabolic hormone, it encourages the body to gain muscle mass in the presence of good nutrition and a sufficient balance of exercise to rest. Anabolic hormones ALSO promote tissue growth through fat gain, with or without exercise. It is the latter consequence of insulin that both programs wish to eliminate, hence the anti-milk bias.

    However, in his muscle building chapter, milk (whole and raw if possible) is encouraged because of it’s insulin encouraging properties. Of note is Tim’s recommendation of high fat consumption with the milk. This is to ensure that the milk doesn’t produce an insulin “spike”, but more of a sustained insulin rush that lasts for days.

    Different goals have different methods, and if food is truly a drug, you wouldn’t prescribe the same medication for weight loss AND weight gain. You hit on this later in your article.

  2. Hey I’m Tim, I do crossfit and run a lot of the CFE rowing seminars in NYC

    I read the paleo diet for athletes last year and have been Paleo for almost a year now. About 1/3 of the way through 4HB now. Thinking of trying Ferris’ protocols in Feb (less fat, more beans, and a binge)

    I did a muscle gain last March using milk and was highly successful. I did the whole9 PTP program and had about 1.5-2 gallons of milk a week (usually a glass about 45 mins after a workout when I got to work and then again in the afternoon as a snack) went up 11 pounds in bodyweight and 80 pounds on my deadlift so that was cool

    actually going to be at ignite in March for yoga, looking forward to it

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