Lessons learned from deep snow running

Well the blizzard of 2010 of course had a silver lining for those of us who like to inflict some unique abuse on our bodies as a way of getting stronger.  First of all, 2 3-hour snow shoveling sessions in 40-mph winds in less than 12 hours was probably one of the hardest workout days I’ve ever done.  My reward was the opportunity to do a deep snow run the next day.  The base was about 2 inches beneath my knees, and the drifts sometimes were up to my hips.  So I suited up in my Inov-8 Mudclaws and Skins and dove in, literally.

Lessons learned:

1.  Deep snow running is incredibly difficult.  I could get maybe 50 yards before I had to stop.

2.  It is amazingly hard on your stabilizing tissues:  hips, knees, arches, core.  That’s where I was REALLY sore.

3.  It’s pretty much impossible to actually run.  Forget pose or any other technique.  It’s more like doing step-ups or walking lunges.

4.  When the snow gets over your knees, it’s humbling.  You’re pretty much done.  You get a taste of what quicksand must be like.  Stop and say uncle to mother nature.

5.  Inov-8 nailed it.  The shoes were unstoppable.  Not a slip.

Not that I wish for more snow, but it was a fun experience, and highly recommended!


One thought on “Lessons learned from deep snow running

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