2 comments on “Started reading “The Four Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss

  1. I think “a combination of the three” is a very accurate description of Tim. I’ve enjoyed every one of his (2) books so far, as an exercise in lateral thinking, at the very least.

  2. I love the book–haven’t finished all of it, but overall, great stuff. Some of the diet suggestions are all over the place, and I can’t tell if he’s settled on one approach or not. I mean, he goes from advocating red meat 2-3 times daily (which is what I do), then later on says, “try a plants-only diet for awhile.” BMack of course suggests paleo, but Ferriss will partially support it then encourage you to limit fat. He still, as far as I can tell, has this conception that eating more fat will encourage weight gain, which simply isn’t the case.

    Outside of that, his research into strength and conditioning was great and I don’t think he attempted to oversimplify any of that. So that’s good–because a lot of people who write these sorts of books promise a silver bullet and wind up delivering muffled blanks.

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